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HomeSav Energy Saving Sticker

Start Saving Electricity Instantly

Key features

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

HomeSav is easy to install. Just clean the circuit breaker box (DB) cover surface, stick the HomeSav on the inner cover facing the switches (ELCB).
No Modification Required

No Modification Require

HomeSave installation does not need any modification to the existing electrical meter, wiring system and electrical distribution system.
Instant saving

Instant Electricity Reduction

HomeSav Energy Saving Sticker creates a more efficient flow of electric current, thereby minimising energy loss. Electricity reduction is the instant results.
long lasting

Long Lasting Performance

HomeSav is effective for 8 - 12 months after installation. For best results, replace the sticker every year.
safe and non-toxic

Safe And Non-Toxic

HomeSav is non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. It is safe and will not harm your electrical system and appliances.
how it works

Case Study and Test Report

case study 1
case study 2
case study 3a
case study 3b
Test Report - 17.9% saving
Test Report - 18.6% saving
test report non-flammable
test report non-corrosive
test report non-toxic

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I see the savings in my electricity bill?

1 month after installation of HomeSav. Depending on the billing period of your energy provider. (eg: 11 Nov to 10 Dec)

How much saving can be achieved with HomeSav?

On the average, HomeSav brings you savings of at least 10%, although results may vary depending on the efficiency of the electrical appliances being used.

Is using HomeSav legal?

Yes, HomeSav is legal to use. In fact it was made with the same technology as our industrial solution - QAHE® Energy Saving Coating, which is endorsed by TÜV SÜD PSB Energy Audit.

Is HomeSave safe to be used?

Yes, HomeSav is tested by independent lab TÜV SÜD and SGS to ensure non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. It will not harm your existing electrical system and appliances.

How long can HomeSav last?

HomeSav is effective for 8 - 12 months after installation. However, for optimum results, we recommend to replace HomeSav sticker every year.

Where can I use HomeSav?

HomeSav is suitable for residential units, offices, and retail shops using single phase supply (230VAC, 50Hz).